What is Me Time starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg about?

Did someone say Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are starring in a new comedy film together? Sign us up! The duo will be leading upcoming comedy, Me Time. The movie premieres Friday, August 26 on the streaming service.

Along with Wahlberg and Hart, who also produces, the production stars Regina Hall as Maya Fisher, Jimmy O. Yang as Stan Berman and Luis Gerardo Méndez as Armando Zavala.

John Hamburg took on writer, director, and producer duties. Executive producers include Lauren Hennessey, Patricia Braga and Joe Gatta.

Hart plays Sonny Fisher, the perfect stay-at home dad for the 21st century. He personifies “responsible adult,” which is the complete opposite of his childhood friend, Huck Dembo. Wahlberg takes on that role, which is a larger than life character who is twice as colorful as the conservative Sonny.

The two couldn’t be more different. Which is why their shenanigans will be all the more hilarious! So what can you expect to see in the new film?

What is Me Time starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg about?

Stay-at-home dad Sonny Fisher (Hart) finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in a decade while his wife and kids are away for spring break. The dedicated father of two young kids is a proud PTA president, director of the school talent show, and supportive husband to superstar architect Maya (Hall).

He finds himself alone, until he gets a call from his former best friend, party animal bachelor Huck Dembo (Wahlberg). The two reunite for Huck’s 44th birthday bash. The wild weekend spirals out of control, not only threatening the two’s rekindled friendship, but also Sonny’s hard-earned reputation as the ultimate family man.

Check out the trailer below!

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Me Time premieres Friday, Aug. 24 on Netflix.

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