What happens with Kayla and Alex Hall’s Summit listing? Do they close the deal?

All eight episodes of Selling the OC are now streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t already begun streaming the new original series, you need to do so as soon as possible. The show follows a new batch of highly competitive real estate agents working hard to establish themselves as the top agents at The Oppenheim Group’s second office on the Orange County coast.

Over the first season, viewers watch the agents acquire listings for beautiful, lavish high-end properties and attempt to sell them to buyers. While some agents prefer to work alone, others believe teaming up is the best way to get the job done.

Spoilers ahead for Selling the OC

The first duo that we’re introduced to is Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose. Later, Kayla and Alex Hall decide to team up for Kayla’s first-ever listing, the Summit listing. Before joining The Oppenheim Group, Kayla worked as an assistant for a top agent at her last brokerage. Previously, she had only been a buyer’s agent, so she thought bringing on experienced listing agent Alex Hall would help get the sale.

Things were going smoothly in the partnership until Kayla got herself entangled in some drama with Tyler Stanaland. Then, everything just started going downhill for the duo. At the same time, they were getting pushback from the seller, which didn’t help the situation at all. Additionally, Alex Hall disagreed with a decision Kayla made regarding their partnership.

But what ultimately happens with the Summit listing? Do Kayla and Alex Hall close the deal? Here’s all that happens with the Summit listing below.

Selling the OC: What happens with Kayla and Alex Hall’s Summit listing?

By the end of the season, Kayla and Alex Hall do not close the deal on the Summit property. In fact, Alex Hall decides to part ways after the seller requests that the asking price be raised by $350,000. The initial asking price was $4,500,000, and the $350,000 increase raised the price to $4,850,000.

Alex Hall didn’t like how the seller was going about everything. They had already got two offers on the house, so Alex Hall believed that raising the price would make her and Kayla look silly. However, Kayla had the final decision and she decided to keep the seller as a client and raise the price. Since Alex Hall disagreed with her approach, she decided to bow out.

Honestly, Alex Hall already had one foot out the door after Kayla listed herself as the listing agent for the Summit listing because she thought there was an understanding that she would be the listing agent. But then, the situation with the seller was the last straw.

According to The Oppenheim Group’s official website, the Summit property is still available. However, the asking price has decreased by $15,000. So, maybe Alex Hall’s approach was the better approach.

Selling the OC is available to stream only on Netflix.

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