What happens to Lou in the end?

Lou on Netflix is a new action drama starring Allison Janney and Jurnee Smollett. When a single mother discovers her daughter has been kidnapped during a bad storm, she must turn to an unlikely ally for assistance. The two women are soon confronted by dark secrets and a formidable enemy.

Major spoilers ahead for Lou

Whether you finished the movie and you’re still confused about a few things or you’re just ready to know what happens at the end, the following guide will breakdown how Lou ends on Netflix.

Lou on Netflix ending explained: How is Lou connected to Vee and Philip?

The big twist in Lou is that Lou is Philip’s mom, therefore making her Vee’s grandmother. She convinced one of Hannah’s college friends to encourage Hannah into moving to the island so Lou could keep an eye on her and protect her from Philip. The letters Philip left were actually for Lou, not Hannah. Like “Hi Mom, it’s my turn.”

Lou on Netflix ending explained: What was Philip’s plan?

Philp intended to lure his entire family to Eagle Bay where he rigged a lighthouse to explode by planting a bomb inside. His motivations are not entirely clear, but it seems like he’s just disturbed enough to believe the only way he can have his family together again is through death. He wants Vee, Hannah, and Lou there with him so he can detonate the bomb and kill them all.

Before that, Philip faked his death, leaving Hannah to believe he was dead and even tricking Lou. She thought Hannah and Vee were safe and her mission was complete, but Philip just used it as a ploy.

Lou on Netflix ending explained: Why was the CIA after Lou and Philip?

When Philip was a boy, he was kidnapped, and Lou just kind of let it happen, choosing the CIA over her own son. She participated in the 1953 Iranian coup d’état and then took documents to blackmail the CIA later to get them to leave her alone.

As she tells Hannah later, “some people weren’t meant to be mothers.” The CIA considers both Lou and Philip fugitives. Philip is considered a fugitive because he is wanted in connection with several civilian murders after serving in the United States Army Special Forces.

Lou on Netflix ending explained: Who survives the movie?

Lou, Hannah, and Philip end up having an almost explosive showdown during the movie’s climax. Lou follows Philip to the lighthouse in Eagle Bay to meet up with him and Vee. Like I mentioned above, the lighthouse secretly had a bomb inside of it, but luckily for Hannah and Vee, Lou is able to disarm the bomb so when Philip hits the trigger, nothing happens.

After that, Lou tells Hannah to run with Vee as she goes to confront her son on the beach near the lighthouse. The CIA closes in via helicopter just as Lou and Philip are having a vicious, knock-down, drag-out fight in the water. Philip manages to stab Lou with a knife but then the soldiers in the helicopter shoot Philip and Lou uses his body like a shield. Together, mother and son sink into the ocean, seemingly dead.

We find out that the suicide note Lou was writing at the beginning of the movie was for Hannah. She left her granddaughter and daughter-in-law her house and possessions so that Hannah can sell the property and have some money to leave. Hannah and Vee take Jax and move to Seattle, Washington.

It looks like they’re finally at peace. The final shot of the film shows them together while Lou watches them from afar via binoculars. It looks like Lou somehow survived the confrontation with Philip.

Lou is now streaming on Netflix.

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