What happened to Lori Vallow’s kids?

There’s a new true crime docuseries now streaming on Netflix, and this story is one that’s hard to believe. Sins of Our Mother follows the events that led up to the murder of 16-year-old Tylee Ashlyn Ryan and seven-year-old Joshua Jaxon “J.J.” Vallow. Their mother, Lori Vallow, is currently in jail awaiting her trial after being accused of killing her kids, as is her husband Chad Daybell.

Sins of Our Mother chronicles Lori Vallow’s adulthood, following her multiple marriages and dedication to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Though she had been religious for years, things took a turn when she met Chad Daybell, a self-published author who believed the apocalypse was near.

Chad believed he could determine who had a dark or a light spirit, and when the supposed apocalypse would come, only those would light spirits — a.k.a. the righteous ones — would be saved. As Lori got deeper and deeper into Chad’s beliefs, they decided that her daughter Tylee and son J.J. had dark spirits inside of them. And the only way to get rid of the dark spirit? According to this belief, you would have to kill the host.

In September 2019, Tylee and J.J. were reported missing. When questioned about their whereabouts, Lori lied and said the two children were staying with her friend, who denied this was true. Her kids were very clearly M.I.A., but when interviewed by the media, Lori acted like everything was fine. She would not reveal where her children were or what happened to them, and denied anything bad happened.

Sins of Our Mother: Did Lori Vallow kill her kids?

Sadly, Tylee and J.J.’s loved ones’ worst fears came true in June 2020 when their bodies were discovered in Chad’s yard. Lori and Chad were eventually charged with first-degree murder and they are currently awaiting their trial date in early 2023. Because this case is very much still ongoing, we don’t have all the details on what happened.

Lori is accused of killing her children, but at this time we don’t have that confirmation. At the very least, it’s likely she conspired to murder them because of the supposed dark spirits living inside of their bodies. We do not know if Chad is the one who committed the actual murders, but that’s definitely something people following the case theorize.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the case when Lori and Chad are tried together in January 2023 to see what details might come forward. Our thoughts are with Tylee and J.J.’s loved ones as they mourn the untimely deaths.

You can stream the three-episode series Sins of Our Mother right now on Netflix.

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