What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer? Did he go to jail?

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is Ryan Murphy’s latest project, and it’s out now on Netflix. The ten-episode limited series stars Evan Peters as the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, best known as the man who murdered many men, often mutilating or even cannibalizing their bodies after death.

The Netflix show aims to take a different approach to the subject matter, focusing more on the victims and people in Dahmer’s life rather than centering on the killer’s perspective. As messed up as the show’s subject matter, it’s sadly based on a true story.

Because most of Dahmer’s victims were black men, gay men, or black gay men, there is a lot to explore in how the police mishandled the case. In one particularly notable and tragic incident, a police officer returned a 14-year-old boy to Dahmer despite the fact the boy was reportedly naked and bleeding, not to mention that two neighbors had called the cops, to begin with, to report the situation.

Hopefully, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will explore and dissect how racism and homophobia allowed Dahmer to get away with his crimes for so long. Netflix is also releasing a third season of Conversations with a Killer focusing on Dahmer this October.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer go to jail?

Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested on July 22, 1991. He murdered at least 17 men and pled guilty but insane to 15 of the 17 murders. According to History, in February 1992, a jury found him sane for at least the 15 murders, and he was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences.

Dahmer was imprisoned at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

Is Jeffrey Dahmer still alive?

No, Jeffrey Dahmer died in prison. Two years after he was sentenced, Dahmer was murdered by another inmate named Christopher Scarver. Dahmer was 34 at the time and died on November 28, 1994. History reports that Scarver’s motives were unclear, but “in his subsequent criminal trial, he maintained that God told him to kill Dahmer and the other inmate.”

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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