Wednesday is not coming to Netflix in October 2022

We’re more than ready to see Jenna Ortega in one of the most iconic roles ever. When will Wednesday come to Netflix? Will it happen this month?

Fans of The Addams Family will certainly be ready to see the new series heading to Netflix. Wednesday follows the gothic teenager who wants to enjoy her life the way she sees fit. That doesn’t work for the majority of society, but that doesn’t matter.

Jenna Ortega takes on the iconic role in the new series. Sadly, we won’t get to see her in action this month. We double-checked the list of releases, but this is not a series on the list. It is disappointing considering October would be the perfect time of year for a series like this.

When will Wednesday come to Netflix?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though. Netflix finally confirmed the release date turn the TUDUM event in September. We’d already seen that Nov. 23 was set to be the date, but Netflix quickly retracted that. Well, now we have it fully confirmed.

Wednesday will come to Netflix on Wednesday, Nov. 23. It’s fitting that it’s on that particular day of the week, especially since most Netflix Original shows arrive on Fridays. All episodes will drop at once, and there’s going to be eight episodes in this comedy series.

It is a comedy rather than a dramedy. That’s fitting for anything to do with The Addamses. Even the movies from the 1990s offered comedy over drama. What we’re all curious about is how Christina Ricci will be involved in the series. She’s not the titular role, but she has to have some sort of important cameo, right?

In this series, our favorite teenager is heading to school to master her psychic ability. Of course, there’s a world to save while she does that, but will anyone accept her help?

Wednesday is coming to Netflix on Nov. 23.

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