Was Marilyn Monroe really in a “throuple” with Cass Chaplin Jr. and Eddy G. Robinson Jr.?

The wait is finally over. Blonde is now streaming on Netflix, and as expected, it’s what everyone’s talking about. Unsurprisingly, an alleged “throuple relationship” between Marilyn Monroe, Cass Chaplin Jr., and Eddy G. Robinson Jr. is the topic of discussion after it’s depicted in the drama film. But was Marilyn Monroe really in a three-way relationship with the two actors? We answered this question right below.

Blonde is a film written and directed by Andrew Dominik. It’s a movie adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’s bestselling biographical fiction book of the same name. It’s important to mention that Blonde is in no way a biopic. Instead, it’s a fictionalized account of one of the world’s most famous sex symbols and pop culture icons. However, it does mix together fact and fiction to tell the story. While some of the movie is pure fiction, other parts take inspiration from real events, people, and rumors.

So, did Marilyn Monroe really have a throuple relationship with Cass Chaplin Jr. and Eddy G. Robinson Jr., or was this made up for the film? Here’s what we know.

Spoilers from Blonde ahead!

Blonde: Was Marilyn Monroe in a throuple with Cass Chaplin Jr. and Eddy G. Robinson Jr.?

No, Marilyn Monroe was not involved in a three-way relationship with Cass Chaplin Jr. and Eddy G. Robinson Jr. According to TIME, there is no evidence of Monroe ever being in a throuple with the two actors. What is shown in the film is entirely made up.

In the drama film, Monroe becomes part of a throuple with Chaplin and Robinson after she meets them in an acting class. Their relationship soon becomes the talk of the town, and Monroe’s talent agency even urges her to end it. But the relationship doesn’t end until Monroe falls pregnant and gets an abortion.

Although a three-way relationship between the actors never existed, Monroe and Chaplin are believed to have had a brief affair. The affair was referenced in Chaplin’s 1960 autobiography, My Father, Charlie Chaplin. It was also mentioned in Pulitzer Prize Finalist Anthony Summers’s book Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe. In the book, Summers details when Chaplin introduced Monroe to his family upon bringing her to his house for lunch in 1947.

As reported by RadioTimes, Summers’s book also mentions that Monroe met Robinson through Chaplin, and they entered into a relationship after Monroe’s affair with Chaplin ended. However, the relationship didn’t last long, and Monroe and Robinson decided to be friends. Monroe also remained friends with Chaplin.

Even though Monroe stayed friends with both Chaplin and Robinson, there’s still no evidence of the three ever being involved in a ménage à trois arrangement.

Blonde is available to stream on Netflix.

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