Warrior Nun season 3 release updates: Is another season happening?

At long last, Warrior Nun has returned to Netflix with its second season after an over-two-year break. The fantasy series debuted back in July 2020 and captivated audiences with its addicting plot. The story follows an orphan named Ava Silva (Alba Baptista) who discovers she has supernatural powers and joins a team of powerful nuns who fight off demons.

Warrior Nun season 2 just released in the early hours this morning, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, and already fans are asking about a potential third season. We won’t get into spoilers for the ending of the second season, but it definitely has viewers questioning everything. There’s a pretty big plot twist reveal that will change everything for Ava moving forward. And of course, that means we need more episodes to see what she’ll do next!

But is Warrior Nun season 3 confirmed yet? Here’s what we know!

Is Warrior Nun season 3 happening?

At this time, Warrior Nun season 3 has not been announced yet. That’s not unusual, however, seeing as the second season just came out today. Netflix will have to analyze the viewership for the new episodes before making any decisions regarding the show’s future. So if you love this show and want to see it continue, make sure to marathon season 2 soon and tell your friends the same! The initial numbers really seem to matter.

In a July 2020 interview with Inverse, series creator Simon Barry talked about the future of the series, saying: “With Warrior Nun, I would give it a window because we’re still so early in the process of developing it. Anything between five and seven seasons would be lovely.”

The first season of Warrior Nun was no doubt popular, but I have to wonder if a big part of that was because it came out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fingers crossed we’ll see high viewership for the second season, but if not, there’s a chance Netflix will give this one the axe.

We’ll keep you updated once we hear anything about a potential Warrior Nun season 3.

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