Warrior Nun season 2 is not coming in September 2022

It has certainly been a long wait for Warrior Nun season 2, but sadly, it’s not quite over yet. When will the season drop on Netflix?

Can you believe it’s been more than two years since we watched the first season of Warrior Nun for the first time? While it was relatively quickly renewed, there were delays in the filming process thanks to the pandemic. However, filming has wrapped, and now we’re ready to see what’s next for Ava and her new friends.

This is where there’s some bad news. We don’t get to see what’s next for them just yet. The show is not on the list of September releases, and we don’t have an exact end in sight.

When will Warrior Nun season 2 come to Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t given us any more updates since the announcement that it would arrive sometime this year. The announcement was specific in that it was coming in winter 2022, which suggests a December 2022 release date. If Netflix follows the fact that winter officially begins on Dec. 21, we’re looking at the end of December for this show.

With such a long wait for the season, there are concerns that the series will be the last. Even if it isn’t written that way, it’s going to be harder for Netflix to get the audience back than it would with just a year wait between seasons. It’s something a lot of streaming platforms are seeing. Prime Video has struggled with getting the audience back for The Wilds and Undone with the former of those being canceled.

There could be a way for the writers to wrap up this story if it was planned well, though. With the release of Adriel, it’s now up to Ava and The Order to take him down. That is possible in a season.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Warrior Nun season 2 on Netflix.

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