Warrior Nun season 2 is not coming in October 2022

There are a few shows we’re still waiting patiently for. Warrior Nun is one of them. When is Warrior Nun season 2 coming to Netflix?

Netflix is very quiet about a few shows. Some of the silence doesn’t make a lot of sense. You’d think Netflix would want to make noise about the shows its spending money on creating.

Sadly, Warrior Nun is one of those we know little about. Season 2 is happening, but we don’t really know when it will be released. One thing is clear, though. It’s not on the list of October 2022 releases.

When will Warrior Nun season 2 come to Netflix?

During the summer, Netflix gave us a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. We did find out that the supernatural series will arrive sometime in 2022. In fact, it’s going to arrive in winter 2022.

That suggests that it will be December 2022 when it arrives. We’ll likely get some information about it at some point between now and November, as Netflix doesn’t release a lot of information until about a month before a release. Again, it doesn’t make a lot of sense when you consider the money put into TV shows.

With all this silence, I am worried about the show. It’ll have been two-and-a-half years by the time the second season comes out since the first season dropped. That’s a long wait, even for streaming shows, especially when there’s little to no news about the shows between that time. It’s harder to get the audience back after such a break, and it does suggest that this is going to be canceled after this season.

Warrior Nun is available to stream on Netflix. Stay tuned for updates about season 2.

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