Virgin River showrunner teases Denny and Lizzie’s relationship in season 5

Although Virgin River season 5 might still be long time coming, it’s never too soon to start piecing together teases from the cast and crew. As filming on the upcoming season winds down, the show’s new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has been spilling new details.

Smith opened up about Ricky’s absence in season 5, noting that while he won’t be around in the new season, he’s sure to make a return at some point in the future. Speaking of futures, Smith also shared what’s next for Mel and Jack on the road to wedded bliss.

Beyond the Mel and Jack of it all, Smith spilled on one of the series’ budding ships, which is Lizzie’s new relationship with Doc’s grandson Denny. By the end of season 4, Denny admitted he didn’t want to pursue a relationship with Lizzie because of his Huntington’s disease diagnosis.

However, the Virgin River boss eases the worries of Dizzie shippers with a promising update on what to expect from the young couple in season 5. Will they officially get together in the upcoming new season? Here’s what he had to say.

Virgin River season 5 Denny and Lizzie tease

Even though Smith didn’t explicitly give away whether Denny and Lizzie would become an item, he referenced his past work on the fan-favorite ABC Family series Chasing Life as a hint to his approach for the characters in season 5.

Here’s what Smith shared with TV Line about Denny and Lizzie:

“If you know [my work in ABC Family cancer drama Chasing Life], you know how I’m gong to approach that relationship. I don’t want to focus on the dark and the sadness. People in the Huntington’s community would want to see the same. That was one that was tricky for me, but it goes back to what I earned on Chasing Life. Take a story that has the potential to go into a dark place and find a way around it.”

Doesn’t that sound like there’s hope for Denny to change his mind? Denny could use someone by his side, and Lizzie could be the one to open him up to finding the light amid the “dark and the sadness” that Smith referred to.

Virgin River has always been a feel-good show, while still tackling some pretty deep, though relatable, subject matter. Season 5 appears to be no different with Denny’s health. We hope to see Lizzie keep Denny in good spirits, whether as a girlfriend or just a close friend.

Stay tuned for more Virgin River season 5 news and updates from Netflix Life!

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