Virgin River season 5 will savor, not rush Mel and Jack’s engagement

Wedding bells are in the air for Mel and Jack! The expectant couple finally made their engagement official in Virgin River season 4 when Jack got down on one knee and proposed. Of course, Mel said yes, and the parents-to-be will surely get to planning their big day in Virgin River season 5.

Jack had previously attempted to pop the big question to Mel in the Virgin River season 3 finale, but she had bigger news to drop on Jack in that moment. As we know now, Mel needed to tell Jack that she’s pregnant and unsure if he’s the father or if it’s Mark.

Virgin River season 4 dealt with the couple’s anxiety over the baby’s parentage. Although Jack assured Mel he would raise the baby as his own either way and didn’t need to know for sure, a looming lawsuit from her former mother-in-law pressed the issue.

All’s well that ends well because Jack’s the father of the bouncing baby girl. But will Mel and Jack turn their excitement over their baby girl into wedded bliss? The showrunner shared new updates on what’s to come for Mel and Jack in Virgin River season 5.

Are Mel and Jack getting married in Virgin River season 5?

While Mel and Jack are engaged to be married, it sounds like they aren’t rushing down the aisle in Virgin River season 5. According to showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, Mel and Jack will be taking things slow (this show’s specialty) and reveling in their engagement.

Here’s what Smith told TV Line about the couple’s impending nuptials:

“Mel and Jack are such an epic couple that you really want to savor things as much as you can. We don’t want things to ever feel like they’re stalled, but we also want to enjoy [their engagement] while we can. So we’re moving at that pace with all of the things they have ahead of them, anticipating [a wedding] down the road.”

With so much on their plates these days, Mel and Jack seem to be living in the moment, and let’s just say they deserve as much. However, Alexandra Breckenridge previously teased season 5 will get pretty heavy, which makes us a little bit worried. But we’re hopeful they will be able to get through whatever comes together.

Stay tuned for more Virgin River season 5 news and updates from Netflix Life!

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