Virgin River season 5 latest updates (November 2022)

It’s been a few months since Virgin River season 4 debuted on Netflix and left viewers with another jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Since the season’s release in July 2022, fans have been waiting ever so impatiently for Virgin River season 5 to hit their watch lists.

Luckily for fans, Virgin River season 5 began filming in July 2022, just a couple days before the release of season 4. The cast and crew have been hard at work on the next 12 episodes, which will answer all of our burning questions about Charmaine’s huge revelation.

Last month, photos from the set of season 5 teased an upcoming party thrown in Mel and Jack’s honor. An engagement party perhaps? It’s definitely not a baby shower, since Mel isn’t that far into her pregnancy (and we know how time operates on Virgin River).

The new season won’t be hitting Netflix in November 2022 because the upcoming season remains in production. However, we have an updated timeframe for filming’s wrap, as well as some new quotes from the Virgin River season 5 showrunner.

Virgin River season 5 latest updates November 2022

According to What’s on Netflix, Virgin River season 5 will wrap filming on Nov. 17, just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Season 5 wraps a few weeks earlier than season 4, which wrapped in December 2021. However, it’s worth noting season 4 was still released in July. While an earlier release in late May or June could be in the cards for season 5, July 2023 remains the best bet for a release date.

The fifth season will welcome Kandyse McClure to the cast in a role that hasn’t yet been revealed. McClure isn’t a stranger to Netflix, as she starred in the short-lived vampire series V-Wars. The actress is also best known for her work on Battlestar Galactica.

When TV Line caught up with showrunner Sean Patrick Smith, the Virgin River boss teased that the upcoming season will revel in Mel and Jack’s engagement in the run-up to their wedding. While a wedding could still happen for the fan-favorite couple by the end of season 5, it sounds like we should continue to expect the slower pace the series has set.

Smith shared additional teases about Preacher’s upcoming arc, which includes rubbing elbows with characters he hasn’t before and diving deeper into his personal life beyond his romantic relationships. What’s more, Smith effectively squashed any worries about Denny and Lizzie falling out after Doc’s grandson revealed his health struggles.

Are you looking forward to season 5? Sound off in the comments, and stay tune for more Virgin River news and updates from Netflix Life!

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