The Witcher season 3 is not coming in September 2022

There are a few Netflix shows that we want to see arrive sometime this year. Could The Witcher season 3 come out sometime in 2022?

If we toss a coin to Netflix, could we have more of The Witcher? Is that the way it works? It doesn’t look like it, as The Witcher season 3 is nowhere to be seen on the list of releases in September. We’re certainly ready for more, but Netflix is not ready to bring us it.

Now the question is when it could arrive. Is there any chance that we’ll see the series drop sometime in 2022? How long will we need to wait if it goes into 2023?

When will The Witcher season 3 come to Netflix?

Filming was suddenly halted back in July due to Henry Cavill testing positive for COVID-19. For the safety of everyone on set, things were put on hold, but only for a week. Everyone was back in the swing of things last month.

It has pushed some of the filming schedule back a little, though. According to Collider, filming is now set to wrap sometime in September rather than August. This is why Netflix doesn’t announce dates too early. There are many reasons why filming needs to be halted now and then.

What does this new wrap month mean? It pushes a few things back by a month, but it still means that we won’t get the season in 2022. We never expected that to happen with filming expected into the summer anyway. After filming, there is the post-production process, and for a show like this, that takes around eight months.

So, the earliest we’re looking at getting The Witcher season 3 is May 2023. Will Netflix hold off until December 2023 to match the releases of the previous two seasons, though? This seems a little silly if the series is ready for the late spring or early summer.

Stay tuned for the latest updates for The Witcher season 3 and more.


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