The Umbrella Academy season 4 is not coming in November 2022

After two months of the season 3 release, The Umbrella Academy season 4 was confirmed. When will we get to watch the episodes on Netflix?

It took two months for Netflix to confirm The Umbrella Academy season 4 would happen. That news came with it being confirmed as the final season. It’s almost time to see how Reginald Hargreeves and the Umbrella’s stories come to an end.

There is some bad news, though. We’re not going to get to see the final season in November 2022. It’s not that we expected it, but we did double-check the list of Netflix releases just in case there was some sort of miracle.

When will The Umbrella Academy season 4 come to Netflix?

We don’t have a release date just yet. As much as we’d love to say the series will arrive in 2023, we can’t confirm that. There is a chance we’ll see it sometime by the end of the year, but this is a show that takes a long time to film and get through post-production, so we could have to wait until early 2024.

There have been some rumors that Robert Sheehan is co-showrunning The Umbrella Academy season 4. They all started from an Instagram post from Steve Blackman, who shared a photo of “Cult Klaus” and introduced him as co-showrunner. It was an inside joke, but some people took that literally. Blackman took to social media to confirm that Sheehan is not co-showrunning the final season.

There are a lot of questions after the end of the third season. After trying to save the world, again, the Umbrellas (and this time some of the Sparrows) ended up in another alternate world. This one sees them without any powers, and Sloan is missing. The Umbrellas went their separate ways to figure out what was going on, but what will they find out in the final season?

The Umbrella Academy is available to stream on Netflix.

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