The Sandman season 2 is reportedly happening at Netflix

It looks like Netflix might have officially renewed The Sandman. Fans have been clamoring for news on The Sandman season 2 since the series was first released to critical acclaim in August 2022. It’s been radio silence since then, apart from a special eleventh episode release a few weeks after the official August 5 release date.

But earlier today, What’s On Netflix reported that the official DC Comics Twitter account announced The Sandman season 2 renewal in a tweet. You can see a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet at the source.

It reads:

“The Dream continues. Netflix Sandman will return with new episodes based on multiple volumes of the Neil Gaiman graphic novels to explore even more stories of the Endless.”

The tweet also included a 21-second video clip, likely a short promo announcing the news. It’s doubtful the teaser would consist of new footage since the series has not started production on the potential next season.

Is The Sandman season 2 officially happening on Netflix?

Since Netflix has not confirmed and the tweet was deleted, we cannot say with 100% certainty that the show is returning for another season. However, the fact that the official DC Comics account tweeted it does hold a lot of weight.

In other words, it seems like there is a very good chance that the show has been renewed, but Netflix and/or DC might have wanted to wait until a specific date or event to announce the renewal. The deletion of the tweet indicates that they weren’t ready to make the renewal public knowledge just yet.

Further supporting the possibility of renewal is that the Netflix Geeked Twitter account has made several tweets featuring The Sandman references in the past few days.

The show’s status has been up in the air because, although it was acclaimed and has already garnered a very loyal fanbase, Netflix has been waiting to see the completion rate. It’s an expensive production, more so than many other original series, so it has taken the streamer some time to decide on the show’s fate.

Once we have official confirmation from Netflix on the status of The Sandman season 2, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for news on The Sandman.

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