The Midnight Club star Ruth Codd age, height, Instagram, and more

The new Mike Flannagan horror-drama series The Midnight Club finally arrived on Netflix on October 7, and many were instantly hooked. The hair-raising and heart-racing show stars multiple talented young actors including new up-and-comer Irish actress Ruth Codd, who portrays Ilonka’s roommate Anya, a feisty lower-leg amputee who is terminally ill and living in Brightcliffe Hospice.

It’s unsurprising that her fiery character has caught the attention of viewers and many are keen to find out more about the actress. So, here’s everything you need to know about Ruth.

The Midnight Club star Ruth Codd’s age

The Irish actress, who portrays Anya on screen, is 26 years old, although her exact birthdate has yet to be disclosed. She grew up in Wexford, Ireland.

Ruth Codd height

The talented actress stands at a height of 5’7.

Ruth Codd Instagram

Looking to give the Anya actress a follow on Instagram? Then you can find her under the handle @ruthcodd. The Irish actress has fun on social media by posting hilarious pictures of herself (covered in bubbles) as well as pictures from her time on the show.

Ruth Codd roles

Frankly, we’re quite surprised by this, but The Midnight Club was Ruth’s debut in the acting world! According to reports, producers of the show first discovered the actress on TikTok (which she has since deleted) where she boasted a large following for her videos on bringing awareness to the amputee community. But unsurprisingly she’s shown her acting worth as she’s already bagged another role in Mike Flannagan’s next project, titled The Fall of the House of Usher.

Ruth Codd brings awareness to the amputee community

Many would have noticed that while in the show, Anya had an amputated leg, and while some may have thought that this was created with special effects in post, in real life the actress is indeed missing part of her leg, though it’s not holding her back in any way!

While on TikTok, the star was very vocal about her decision to amputate her right leg at the age of 23, just below her knee, due to complications experienced by a broken foot at age 15. She used her voice and multiple platforms to bring awareness about the amputee community and aimed to reduce the stigma that people in her position experience daily.

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