The Empress star Philip Froissant age, height, Instagram, roles and more

Anyone who’s anyone wants to know everything there is to know about The Empress star Philip FroissantOf course, we certainly don’t blame fans of the talented actor, as he not only gave a spectacular performance on the Netflix original series but also because he is extremely charming.

Just like his character, Franz, it’s hard not to fawn over Philip. And while we would love to go on and on about what makes Franz the swoonworthy character he is, we think we should fill you in on what makes Philip Froissant an actor you should keep an eye out for first.

Here’s everything we know about The Empress actor Philip Froissant.

Philip Froissant age

As of today, Philip’s birthdate is not known to us. However, we know that the actor is currently 28 years old and hails from Germany.

Philip Froissant height

Celebs Week reports that Philip stands at approximately 6 feet 1 inch. The media outlet also confirms that the Netflix star’s natural hair color is sandy brown, and his eye color is greenish-brown.

Philip Froissant Instagram

Like his fellow co-star, Devrim Lingnau, Philip’s Instagram follower count is rising by the second. Over 25,000 people are dying to know more about this actor, including what he likes to do in his everyday life, the places he’s been, and, most importantly, the next role he has lined up.

You’ll have to give him a follow on Instagram to know the answers to some of these burning questions, but you only have to read on to learn what titles the German actor has starred in before.

Philip Froissant roles

When we said that Philip Froissant is an actor that very may well become a breakout star, we truly meant it, as this actor has already made a name for himself despite only starring in a few titles.

Aside from his role in The Empress, Philip’s other role includes the 2021 film Black Island, where he plays the role of Jonas Hansen. It’s safe to say that his role in the 2021 movie helped him secure his new Netflix role, but it’s even safer to say that his role in the Netflix original series will help him secure a spot in many more notable titles.

If you also anticipate Philip Froissant’s rise to fame, then show him your support by streaming The Empress right now only on Netflix.

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