The Empress renewed for a second season at Netflix

The Empress is returning for another season on Netflix! A lush historical drama, The Empress, captivated audiences worldwide when it debuted at the end of September 2022, spending five weeks on Netflix’s global top 10 in 88 countries, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Even though The Empress season 2 has been confirmed, we don’t know much about when the second season will debut or what it will be about, as it will be a while before it goes into production.

Starring Devrim Lingnau, The Empress follows the journey of Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” and her husband Franz-Joseph, the Emperor of Austria, played by Philip Froissant. Katharina Eyssen serves as the showrunner and writer.

The Empress season 2 is happening on Netflix

The Hollywood Reporter indicates that several cast members are already set to return for the second season. Lingnau and Froissant will be back to reprise their leading roles of Elisabeth and Franz, which makes sense since there wouldn’t be much of a show without the Emperor and Empress.

Other cast members returning include Johannes Nussbaum (Archduke Maximilian), Melika Foroutan (Sophia), Almila Bagriacik (Countess Leontine), and Jördis Triebel (Princess Ludovika).

What could The Empress season 2 be about?

The Empress season 1 ended with (SPOILER!) Elisabeth and Franz’s marriage is in jeopardy. Franz’s mother, Sophia, advised Elisabeth to leave the palace, return home, and have her marriage to Franz annulled. But then Elisabeth learns she is pregnant and intends to tell Franz. Before she can, she learns that Franz secretly agrees with his mother. Feeling rejected, Elisabeth chooses to leave.

Before her carriage can exit the gates, she’s bombarded by a crowd of protestors and uses it as her opportunity to very publicly announce that she is pregnant. It doesn’t seem likely that Elisabeth can leave the palace quietly now! Based on the ending, the second season will follow the immediate aftermath of Elisabeth’s decision to go public with her pregnancy before telling her husband or anyone else in the royal family.

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