The best Stanley Tucci movies and shows on Netflix

There are two things we will always know to be true: the first is that the sky is blue, while the second is that American actor Stanley Tucci will be in at least one title you have watched or will watch in the future.

Without a doubt, Tucci is a Hollywood legend. From his iconic role in The Devil Wears Prada alongside Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep to his barely recognizable portrayal of Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games film franchise, this star can be found in all genres, and we love him all the more for that simple fact.

As you might have guessed, Tucci is, once again, booked and busy. This time, with a new role in the Netflix series, Inside Man. But before you tune into this 2022 title, allow us to fill you in on the other Stanley Tucci titles currently streaming on Netflix.

Best Stanley Tucci movies on Netflix

The first film that you should definitely check out is Margin Call. In the film, Tucci plays the role of Eric Dale, an informant who passed along sensitive data so powerful, it sent his former investment firm into a downward spiral amid the 2008 economic crisis.

See the trailer for the 2011 film below.

This hair-raising film is only the beginning of Tucci’s best roles. While Netflix doesn’t have all the stunning movies featuring this star, thankfully, the streaming platform does have the following titles:

  • Wild Card (2015) as Baby
  • The Silence (2019) as Hugh Andrews
  • Worth (2021) as Charles Wolf

Best Stanley Tucci shows on Netflix

After you’ve concluded streaming his films, you absolutely have to watch Tucci’s best shows on Netflix. Sure, he may not have a lot of series to stream on Netflix, but we know that this will change sooner or later, as it seems he’s on his way to being a Netflix staple now that Inside Man is released.

Check out the trailer for the new Netflix release below.

In the series, Tucci plays Jefferson Grieff, a man currently facing the death penalty for taking his wife’s life. The series explores the many intricacies of criminal justice in a way that’s sure to perplex you at times, but, all around, it’s a very captivating show!

Perhaps you’ll need something a tad more light-hearted to cleanse your pallet. If so, we recommend catching Tucci in BoJack Horseman as Herb Kazzaz. His character can be a tad prickly, however, upon understanding his back story, he’ll become a complex character you can’t help but sympathize with.

Like we said earlier, Stanley Tucci is a talented actor you can’t escape from. So why not get ahead of the game and stream his best films and shows on Netflix today?

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