Stream Amsterdam online: Is Amsterdam on Netflix?

Amsterdam is the latest comedy mystery movie to make it to theaters. Will the Christian Bale movie come to Netflix? Where will it stream online?

There are some great movies to check out right now. Amsterdam is the one that’s just hit theaters that is perfect for fans of movies like American Hustle. There’s a murder to solve, but there’s also a great amount of comedy thrown into the mix.

This movie is very loosely based on a true story. Set in the 1930s, a group of friends come across a murdered body. Now they need to figure out who did it while going on the run from the cops. After all, they become the main suspects in the murder, but they didn’t do it…did they?

It doesn’t help that this is a high-profile murder. US Senator Bill Meekins has turned up dead, and everyone wants someone’s head on a platter for this one.

Where to stream Amsterdam online

You’ll want to head to theaters to watch this. It’s going to be worth the time and money. Then you’ll want to watch it as soon as it heads to a streaming platform. This is one that you’ll be able to watch over and over again.

The question is where the Christian Bale movie will head. Will you be able to watch Amsterdam on Netflix?

We have some bad news. This is not a movie that will head to Netflix. It’s a 20th Century Studios movie, and these movies head to two different streaming platforms. Like Death on the Nile, we’re looking at Amsterdam going to Hulu and HBO Max in a few months.

This doesn’t mean Netflix will never get the release. 20th Century Studios movies do eventually head to other streaming platforms, so we’ll keep an eye out for this one, but it’s going to take a few years.

Stay tuned for when Amsterdam comes to Netflix in the future.

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