Shadow and Bone season 2 is not coming to Netflix in 2022

One of Netflix’s most popular fantasy shows is coming back for another season, but unfortunately we still have a bit of a wait. Shadow and Bone premiered back in April 2021 and was a huge hit for fans of the genre. We got to meet protagonist Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a young woman who discovers she has special powers that could very well save the world.

Netflix announced Shadow and Bone season 2 was officially in the works soon after the series premiered, and we’ve all been waiting on the edge of our seats for updates on what’s to come.

At the streamer’s TUDUM event on Sept. 24, we got some exciting news about the next installment, including the new actors who will appear. We also got our first look sneak peek teaser, which you can see here:

On top of that, we got confirmation of the year Shadow and Bone season 2 will come to Netflix. Sadly for those hoping we’d get the new season in time for the holidays, you’ll be disappointed to know that season 2 will debut in 2023. But when exactly in 2023? There isn’t a more specific release date, but we can make an educated prediction based on what we know.

When could Shadow and Bone season 2 come to Netflix?

Shadow and Bone season 2 began filming in January 2022 and finished up in June 2022. Typically, Netflix shows take at least six months in post-production until they’re ready to be released, and we’d imagine this one might be on the longer side because of the number of special effects used. Say season 2 might take eight months in post-production, just to be safe, and we’d be looking at around February 2023 for a potential release.

That said, post-production could take less time than that, and Netflix could release Shadow and Bone season 2 in January 2023. We already know that the streamer has a big title ready for February and March 2023 with the two-part release of You season 4, so it’s also possible they could be waiting until April 2023 to release Shadow and Bone‘s sophomore season.

April 2023 would mark two years since the release of the premiere season, so it would make sense to see Shadow and Bone season 2 coming out then.

At this time, we have no confirmation of the release month for Shadow and Bone season 2, so please take this prediction with a grain of salt. We could be wrong, but that’s all the information we have!

Check back with us for all the latest updates on Shadow and Bone season 2!

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