Selling the OC star Alexandra Jarvis age, height, Instagram, and more

The reality series Selling the OC is now streaming on Netflix. In the spinoff, viewers quickly meet a fresh new set of real estate agents hoping to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second office in Newport Beach. One of the ambitious agents goes by the name of Alexandra Jarvis.

Alexandra Jarvis is from Alabama. She was a practicing attorney in employment law and business litigation before switching careers to luxury real estate. As a real estate agent, Alexandra uses all the skills and tools she gained as an attorney to help her clients with their real estate goals. She’s seen much success since she became a real estate agent. She managed to close nearly $40 million in sales during her first year in real estate. And I don’t know if you have watched Selling the OC yet, but Alexandra is definitely keeping her top dog status in the Orange County real estate market.

We shared everything else you’d possibly want to know about the Selling the OC star right below!

Alexandra Jarvis age

As reported by Celebs Week, Alexandra was born on May 6, 1990, making her 32 years old and her zodiac sign a Taurus.

Alexandra Jarvis height

Alexandra reportedly stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. She has beautiful blonde hair and striking blue eyes.

Alexandra Jarvis Instagram

Alexandra can be found on Instagram at @thealexandrajarvis. She has over 6k followers and 71 posts. Most of her posts are photos of friends and family, her fiance, and properties she’s looking to sell or have sold. Alexandra also enjoys posting selfies and full-body photos. She doesn’t have a huge following at the moment, but she’ll likely see a significant increase after people watch her in Selling the OC.

Who is Alexandra Jarvis engaged to?

Alexandra is engaged to a man named Sergio Ducoulombier. He’s the CEO of Slip Cash, a service that allows customers to make instant, cashless, contact-free payments, tips, and donations to anyone. They got engaged on Christmas Day 2020. However, it’s unclear when exactly they’re getting married.

You can catch Alexandra Jarvis in Selling the OC streaming now only on Netflix.

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