Partner Track star Rich Ting age, height, Instagram, roles and more

Need a new celebrity to be a huge fan of? Perhaps you should look no further than Partner Track star Rich Ting!

Rich is not only wickedly handsome and charming but also a very talented actor who’s starred in numerous titles you may have heard of before. Namely, the smash-hit zombie series All of Us Are Dead and Girl From Nowhere, another popular series that took the world by storm. What’s more, the Partner Track star knows a thing or two about football, so if you like spending your weekends watching Netflix and the NFL, he’s the one you should definitely keep an eye on.

Without further ado, here’s everything to know about Rich Ting.

Rich Ting age

At this time, we do not know his exact birth date or age of Rich. However, multiple sources state that the Los Angeles, California-born actor is around 30 to 35 years old.

Rich Ting height

Celeb Heights tells us that Rich stands at approximately 5-feet-11-inches. However, the site also reports that the actor stated he’s about 6-feet-1-inch tall. No matter the height, just like Rob Heaps, Rich is amongst the tallest in the cast of Partner Track.

Rich Ting Instagram

The best way to know more about Rich is to follow his official Instagram page, @richtingworld. The actor never fails to keep his 111,000 followers (and counting) up to speed about what he’s up to. In fact, he recently informed us that he sat down with Live! In the Bay to talk about his time on his new 2022 Netflix title. (Check out his full interview here.)

Rich also shares photos of his adorable pup, Somi, from time to time, and at this point, we’re surprised that his followers haven’t passed out from cuteness overload yet.

If you never want to miss out on a single update, be sure to follow Rich on his Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for more. Oh, and don’t forget to give Somi’s Instagram a follow, too!

Rich Ting roles

His acting credits just keep going and going. Not that we’re complaining!

According to IMDb, Rich has starred in over 50 films and series and still has a couple more on the way. As we wait for his latest projects to release, let’s take a look at some of his notable roles to date:

  • Ben 10: Race Against Time (2007) as Heatblast
  • Beyond the Break (2009) as Lenny
  • Ailiseu (2013) as Lee Cheol-Min
  • Make Your Move (2013) as Oku
  • No Tears for the Dead (2014) as Asing
  • Chicago P.D. (2015) as Chang
  • Supergirl (2016) as Dr. Gilcrist / Metallo 2
  • Waco (2018) as Lon Horiuchi / Sniper
  • Warrior (2019) as Bolo
  • The Man in the High Castle (2019) as Captain Iijima
  • No Name and Dynamite Davenport (2022) as Dynamite Davenport
  • Magnum P.I. (2022) as Tower
  • Kiss Sixth Sense (2022) as Cha Min-hoo

Could we convince to keep Rich Ting on your radar? If so, be sure to catch this actor star as Carter Min in Partner Track streaming right now on Netflix.

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