Partner Track star Lena Ahn age, height, Instagram, roles and more

We hope your Partner Track binge-watch is going smoothly so far. If it is, how about we make your weekend a little better by telling you all about one of the actresses who stole the show, Lena Ahn?

Lena, who starred as Lina Yun in the new Netflix series, is a face you may have seen around the entertainment world. Before she was an actress, she was actually a part of a K-pop girl group called 6mix. But when Lena discovered her love for acting, she retired her microphone and picked up a script instead. We’re glad she did because we couldn’t imagine anyone else delivering Lina’s hilarious one-liners the way Lena does.

Hopefully, you are a fan of Lina Yun’s real-life actress because we have everything to know about the Partner Track star below.

Lena Ahn age

Lena Ahn was born in Los Angeles, California on November 2, 1993. She is currently 28 years old and is a Scorpio.

Lena Ahn height

According to her K-pop fandom page, Lena stands at approximately 5-feet-4-inches. (The same height as Arden Cho!) She has naturally dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Lena Ahn Instagram

Lena sure does know how to take a good picture! Her official Instagram page, @lenaahnn, showcases all her best angles. Whether chilling by the beach or sipping from a tall glass, her 18,400 followers can’t get enough of her stunning pictures, and we can definitely see why—she’s gorgeous!

In addition to her selfies, Lena also posts a few snaps of her cast mates. One of her most recent snaps includes her and Arden Cho standing side by side on the Partner Track red carpet. (See the Instagram post here.) Maybe we’ll get a couple of more cast pics down the line.

Like what you see? Then show Lena some love by following her Instagram and her TikTok!

Lena Ahn roles

Before her breakout role in the new Netflix title, Lena starred in several television series and films here and there.

Per IMDb, some of the California native’s most notable roles include Memoirs of a Geisha as a student dancer, A Passing Glance as Olivia, and Good Game as Jax. The site also reports that Lena’s latest project is the short film Blind Love. Her IMDb page will grow longer before we know it!

Lena Ahn is an actress we, along with many fans, hope to see in more series and films soon. But for now, let’s enjoy her as Lina Yun in Partner Track, streaming right now only on Netflix.

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