Partner Track star Dominic Sherwood age, height, Instagram, roles

We’re officially only one more day away until the series premiere of Partner Track, which really means we’re only one more day away from seeing Dominic Sherwood look absolutely amazing in the new Netflix original series.

Dominic stars as Jeff Murphy, a newcomer at the firm, and Ingrid’s (Arden Cho) ex-boyfriend. Being the blast from the past that he is, Jeff is the only one who really knows who Ingrid is and what she wants. Perhaps this will serve as an advantage for Jeff when Ingrid must choose between him, her past lover, and Nick (Rob Heaps), the new lover that currently has her heart. Who will win in this love triangle?

If you’re already Team Jeff Murphy, then we know you will also be Team Dominic Sherwood once you learn more about the actor.

Without further ado, here’s everything to know about the Partner Track star.

Dominic Sherwood age

Dominic Sherwood was born on Feb. 6, 1990, in Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom. The United Kingdom native is currently 32 years old and is an Aquarius.

Dominic Sherwood height

Super Stars Bio reports that Dominic stands at 5-feet-11-inches, a couple of inches taller than his fellow co-stars, Alexandra Turshen and Arden Cho. The media outlet also states that Dominic has dark brown hair and has sectoral heterochromia, meaning, for this actor, one eye is blue while the other is half blue and half brown. (How cool is that!)

Dominic Sherwood Instagram

Dominic’s Instagram, @domsherwood, has acquired 2.7 million followers. Most of his followers gave him a follow because of his previous projects, however, it’s safe to say that they also followed him because of his amazing posts.

Dominic is a passionate advocate for and uses his platform to bring about social change. One instance of this is when he helped raise thousands of dollars for Zachary, a young boy with a limb difference who seeks to help another child in the world receive a bionic arm. Because of Dominic’s selflessness, Zachary was able to pay it forward.

If this warmed your heart as much as it warmed ours, be sure to give Dominic a follow on Instagram for more content like this.

Dominic Sherwood roles

With being the amazing and talented individual that he is, you’ve definitely seen Dominic a couple of times in the past. According to IMDb, here are his most notable roles:

  • The Cut (2010) as Jack Simmons
  • Sadie J (2011) as Tom
  • Not Fade Away (2012) as Mick
  • Vampire Academy (2014) as Christian Ozera
  • Billionaire Ransom (2016) as James Herrick
  • Modern Family (2016) as James
  • Shadowhunters (2016) as Jace Wayland
  • Don’t Sleep (2017) as Zach Bradford
  • Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (2020)
  • Eraser: Reborn (2022) as Mason Pollard

We wonder where his acting talent will lead him next. Another Netflix show? A blockbuster? While we wait to learn about Dominic Sherwood’s next project, be sure to catch him as Jeff Murphy in Partner Track, streaming tomorrow, Aug. 26, only on Netflix.

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