Outlander season 6 is not coming to Netflix in October 2022

It’s no surprise Outlander is a massive hit! The time-travel romance has an engaging story that spans years and countries, personable characters, action, Scottish patriotism, and of course the heartwarming love story of Jamie and Claire. All the actors are so talented and perfectly cast, but probably none like the marvelous leads, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe!

There aren’t enough words to praise this amazing show, and that’s why it’s become such a popular series not only on its original network Starz, but also on Netflix. And when the drama was first added to the streaming service, it immediately gained new fans.

And because of that with each month that passes by, it gets harder to wait for the next season of the series to be added to Netflix. The first five out of the six seasons are now streaming on the platform. And the great news is that the story still isn’t over! Outlander season 7 is currently in production.

Unfortunately, season 6 isn’t coming to Netflix in October. So when can we expect to see the show added to the streamer’s catalog?

Outlander season 6 Netflix release predictions

It seems like Netflix and Starz have an agreement, as the streaming giant has a pattern of releasing new seasons of the popular series on its platform in a consistent way. New seasons of Outlander have been added to Netflix two years after their finales air on Starz.

Since the season 6 finale premiered May 1, 2022 on Starz, it is most likely that Netflix viewers will get the next installment of the show in May 2024. It will probably be added on May 1, 2024 even based on when the fifth season dropped! The Outlander season 5 finale aired May 10, 2020 on its parent network. Then, the fifth season made its debut May 10, 2022 on Netflix.

The wait is unfortunately such a long one, I know. But believe me, it’s going to be worth it!

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix.

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