Outer Banks season 3 is not coming in November 2022

We’re certainly ready to join the Pogues on their not-so-deserted island. We won’t get to watch Outer Banks season 3 this month, though.

That’s right; we double-checked the list of November releases on Netflix, but we have some bad news. Outer Banks is not there. We didn’t expect it, but that didn’t stop us from hoping for a Pogue-shaped surprise.

Netflix did make it pretty clear that we wouldn’t get to see the season in 2022. This time of year doesn’t seem to suit the show, anyway. Considering the setting on a not-so-deserted island right now, a warmer time of the year might suit it a little better.

The good news is Netflix isn’t being too silent about the series. We have had a small tease of what to expect whenever we do get to watch the new episodes.

When is Outer Banks season 3 coming to Netflix?

We’ll need to wait until 2023 for the new episodes. At least Netflix has confirmed 2023 is the year. We won’t be left too long without new episodes. Of course, 2023 is still longer than we hoped for.

There is a lot to cover in the third season. At the end of season 2, we saw the Pogues end up stranged on a deserted island. At least, it looks like a deserted island, but this seems to be the same island John B’s dad ended up on. And now we know he is still alive. Yes, that’s right! John B’s dad is alive, but he doesn’t seem to be free.

So, is it deserted or have they just not explored all that much yet? For a while, they’ll get to enjoy some peace, but they’ll need to move onto somewhere else eventually.

Elsewhere, Rafe is in a fight with someone, but we can’t see who. The teaser also shows us Ward screaming as he holds onto someone. Is someone in his life dying? He’s the world’s worst dad, and all that is slowly catching up on him.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this series to let you know when it will arrive on Netflix. For now, catch up on the first two seasons of Outer Banks on Netflix.

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