Once Upon a Small Town release date, cast, synopsis, photos, trailer, and more

Get ready because a new romance K-Drama will soon be making its way to Netflix! The show is titled Once Upon a Small Town, and once you find out all the important details about the series, you’re going to want to watch it immediately.

Once Upon a Small Town is an upcoming Korean original series developed by Kakao Entertainment. Kwon Seok-jang directed it from scripts written by Baek Eun-kyeong. It’s a television adaptation of a web novel of the same name by Park Ha-min.

Once Upon a Small Town depicts a love story between a veterinarian from Seoul and a policewoman from a rural village.

Here’s everything else you should know about the K-Drama!

Once Upon a Small Town release date

The romance series premieres on Netflix on Monday, Sept. 5, 2022, with its first episode. New episodes will be released every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday going forward. There is a total of 12 episodes, with a season finale currently scheduled for Sept. 28. It’s important to keep in mind that release dates are subject to change and can be pushed back or moved forward.

Once Upon a Small Town cast

K-Pop star Park Soo-young stars as Ahn Ja-yeong. You might know Park Soo-young as Joy from the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. She made her acting debut in 2017 and has had roles in the K-Dramas The Liar and His LoverTempted and The One and Only.

Choo Young-woo plays the role of Han Ji-yul. He’s best known for his roles in the television series Police UniversitySchool 2021 and O’PENing. He also portrayed the role of Song Si-on in the web series You Make Me Dance.

Here’s the complete cast list below:

  • Park Soo-young as Ahn Ja-yeong
  • Choo Young-woo as Han Ji-yul
  • Baek Seong-cheol as Lee Sang-hyeon
  • Jung Suk-yong as Hwang Man-seong
  • Baek Ji-won as Choi Se-ryun
  • Park Ji-ah as Cha Yeon-hong
  • Yoo Yeon as Kyung-Ok
  • Na Chul as Choi Yun-hyeong
  • Park Ye-ni as Young-Sook
  • Roh Jae-won as Yoon Geun-mo
  • Ha Yul-ri as Choi Min

Once Upon a Small Town synopsis

Here’s the official synopsis via AsianWiki Staff below:

Han Ji-Yool (Choo Yeong-Woo) works as a veterinarian in Seoul. One day, he receives a phone call from his grandfather. His grandfather doesn’t mention specifics, but his voice sounds serious. Han Ji-Yool decides to go to Heedong Village, where his grandfather lives and runs an animal clinic. There, Han Ji-Yool meets Police Officer An Ja-Young (Joy). It turns out his grandfather is actually touring Europe. According to the note left by his grandfather, Han Ji-Yool has to take over his grandfather’s animal clinic for a half year, while his grandfather is away.

Even when An Ja-Young was preparing for her test to become a police officer, she wanted to work as a police officer in Heedong Village, where she grew up. She is usually the first one to appear and provide help to residents in need. She helps Han Ji-Yool solve inconveniences related to his daily life in the village and they develop a romantic relationship.

Once Upon a Small Town photos

Take a look at these production stills from the show.

Once Upon a Small Town

Once Upon a Small Town Production Still
Image Courtesy Netflix

Once Upon a Small Town

Once Upon a Small Town Production Still
Image Courtesy Netflix

Once Upon a Small Town trailer

Check out the official trailer for a sneak peek of the romance series!

Once Upon a Small Town premieres on Netflix on Sept. 5. Will you be watching?

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