Netflix orders revival of ABC reality series The Mole

After 14 years off the air, Netflix is bringing The Mole back into rotation, according to Variety. The ABC reality game show, which was based on the Belgian format called De Mol, aired from 2001 to 2008.

Per the Variety report, Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of the revival. The competition game show sees 12 players face-off against each other for money, but one person in the group is “The Mole,” a role designated by production who tries to sabotage the group’s efforts to make money. One player has to try and outlast the competition and identify the mole to win the cash prize.

Anderson Cooper hosted the first two seasons of the show, which featured regular, civilian contestants. Later seasons included some celebrity contestants.

Netflix is reviving The Mole

We don’t know too much about the revival yet beyond the fact that Netflix is planning it. So we don’t know if Cooper will return or whether or not the contestants will be civilians or celebrities, perhaps there will be a mixture of the two.

Eureka Productions will produce the show with David Tibballs, David Burris, Paul Franklin, Wes Dening, Rikkie Proost and Chris Culvenor serving as executive producers.

Netflix appears to be beefing up its unscripted content given the success of its many reality, competition, cooking, home improvement and other shows. Unscripted shows tends to be cheaper to produce, so it’s not all that surprising especially as the streaming service looks into cutting costs and slowing content spending.

Fittingly, you can actually watch two seasons of the ABC version on Netflix right now. While the whole series isn’t available, seasons 3 and 4 are currently streaming.

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