Netflix Easy-Bake Battle winners by episode: Who wins each challenge?

Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition is Netflix’s latest food reality competition series and while the name suggests it might have contestants using actual easy-bake ovens, that’s not exactly the cast.

Spoilers ahead for Easy-Bake Battle

The new show hosted by Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski is just inspired by the iconic Hasbro cooking toy that many of us grew up with as kids. In reality, Easy-Bake Battle is more about giving home cooks a chance to show off their impressive skills and create delicious food with limited resources.

If you’ve started watching the show or you’re curious who wins, below we’ll detail which cooks won each challenge in the first season!

Easy-Bake Battle winners by episode

Easy-Bake Battle. Eman Neamat in episode 103 of Easy-Bake Battle. Cr. John Golden Britt/Netflix © 2022

Easy-Bake Battle episode 1 winners

In the first challenge, Dave wins after delivering crispy cheesy loaded potato bites, while Haley beats Dave in the second challenge with her deconstructed poppyseed chicken. She takes home the $25,000.

Easy-Bake Battle episode 2 winners

Michael wins the first challenge with his tasty oysters. Aprille is sent home, leaving Haley to go into round two again, this time facing off against Michael. Haley wins again with her beef wellington pot pie, now taking home $50,000!

Easy-Bake Battle episode 3 winners

Eman wins the first challenge with her special crunch wrap and Haley also manages to pass the first challenge so the second challenge sees these two ladies go head-to-head. Eman ends up beating Haley in this episode thanks to her decadent three-tier dessert featuring baklava bites, a pineapple upside-down cake bite, and brownie cheesecake.

Easy-Bake Battle episode 4 winners

In the fourth episode, Eman wins the first challenge with her Kleicha trifle and Chris is sent home. The second challenge is Eman vs. Stephanie. This challenge was tricky as they had to create Thanksgiving dinners in 75 minutes. Stephanie managed to beat Eman this time with her roasted chicken, brussels sprouts, and potatoes.

Easy-Bake Battle episode 5 winners

AJ wins the first contest with his spinach and sun-dried tomato waffle. Sadly, Stephanie is eliminated so AJ goes against Lindsay in round two. AJ wins again thanks to his savory Dutch baby.

Easy-Bake Battle. Giselle Bonetti in episode 106 of Easy-Bake Battle. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Easy-Bake Battle episode 6 winners

Giselle beats AJ and Anna in the first challenge here having made penne pasta with burrata salad and artichokes. Anna is sent home, leaving Giselle and AJ to duke it out for $25,000 ($50,000 for AJ if he wins again). For some reason, the winner isn’t announced until the next episode, but Giselle wins with her chicken parmesan.

Easy-Bake Battle episode 7 winners

Giselle wins again with her pollo guisado and faces off against Alex in round two. Giselle manages to win again with her chicken enchiladas! So now Giselle will walk away with $50,000 minimum.

Easy-Bake Battle episode 8 winners

The first challenge in the final episode sees the challengers making appetizer trios. Giselle makes a crostini, crab wontons, and cucumber with a garlic and chive spread coupled with some salmon and dill. Giselle wins this round. Lauren and Giselle face-off in the final round, but Giselle wins again, her chocolate parfait trumping Lauren’s lobster risotto. That means Giselle won the most in the whole show and she ultimately wins $75,000!

Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition is now streaming on Netflix.

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