Netflix Devil in Ohio soundtrack: Music by the episode

Netflix’s latest limited series, Devil in Ohio, is finally available to stream. Emily Deschanel of Bones fame stars as Dr. Suzanne Mathis in the suspenseful thriller with a cult twist. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Daria Polatin. Polatin also serves as the showrunner.

Dr. Mathis is a hard-working hospital psychiatrist who finds herself drawn to cult escapee Mae (Madeleine Arthur) when she turns up in her ward. Unable to find foster care, Suzanne invites Mae to live with her and her family and tries to protect her from the cult.

Given the show’s Midwestern setting and creepy vibe (complete with freaky scarecrows, unending cornfields, and satanic cults), it’s not surprising that the series has a lot of haunting melodies and songs. Composer Will Bates worked on several songs created for the series, collaborating with artist Bishop Briggs. The official series soundtrack is now available.

Devil in Ohio theme song

Devil in Ohio features an opening credit sequence complete with a theme song called “Lessons of the Fire” by Bishop Briggs & Will Bates.

Devil in Ohio soundtrack

The following guide outlines all of the songs featured in Devil in Ohio, broken down by episode.

Devil in Ohio episode 1 songs

  •  “Salvation From the Dawn” – Will Bates feat. Maiah Manser
  • “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo
  • “The Thread Of The Thing” by Fay Wolf

Devil in Ohio episode 2 songs

  • “The Water Is Wide” performed by Emily Deschanel

Devil in Ohio episode 3 songs

  • “do/SAY” by Lipstick Jodi
  •  “Salvation From the Dawn” – Will Bates feat. Maiah Manser

Devil in Ohio episode 4 songs

  • “Roll (My Eyes)” by Lelli
  • Dani (Naomi Tan) and Peter (Sam Jaeger) sing “I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher at karaoke

Devil in Ohio episode 5 songs

  • “MURDER ME” by Blood Red Shoes
  • “Fatal” by Debby Friday
  • “A Soalin’” by Peter & Paul & Mary
  • “Devil’s Stompin’ Ground” by Southern Culture On The Skids

Devil in Ohio episode 6 songs

  • “Violet” by Hole
  • “The Water is Wide” by Fay Wolf

Devil in Ohio episode 7 songs

  • “I Guess You Get What’s Coming” by Cody Crump
  • Dani (Naomi Tan) sings “Don’t Rain On My Parade” by Barbara Streisand
  • “Matinee” by REYNA
  • “Sit Down (Extended Mix)” by VINAI & HARRISON
  • “Baby” by Donna Blue

Devil in Ohio episode 8 songs

  • “The Gift of the Rose” by Isabella Summers and Elise McQueen

Devil in Ohio is now streaming on Netflix.

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