Joseph Quinn, Joe Keery, David Harbour confirmed for Netflix’s TUDUM

Netflix’s annual TUDUM event is just a little over a week away, and the streamer took time this morning to share out all the important details. If you aren’t familiar, this is a global fan event you can stream from the comfort of your home, featuring a long list of Netflix stars and titles to provide updates on. As we inch closer to the end of the year, fans are desperate to find out which shows we can still expect to return in 2022, and which will be released in 2023.

Some of the biggest titles at TUDUM 2022 include Outer Banks, Squid Game, Shadow and Bone, and The Witcher, all of which we’ve been waiting for news on. And it’s no surprise Stranger Things will also be featured. But what is surprising is the confirmation that in addition to stars Joe Keery and David Harbour, Joseph Quinn will also be at TUDUM!

In the official TUDUM trailer that was released today, we see Quinn up on stage next to his co-stars. At this time, it’s not confirmed what information will be announced regarding Stranger Things, but we can theorize. And if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, check it out here:

Stranger Things at Netflix’s TUDUM 2022

Because Stranger Things season 5 is still far away, we doubt we’ll get any substantial news about the final installment of the sci-fi series. We know that the writers began working on season 5 in August, but to our knowledge, they haven’t finished yet. Harbour has said that he thinks the final season will come out in mid-2024, but it’s too early for a confirmed release date.

At TUDUM, we might be getting some behind-the-scenes videos or deleted scenes from past Stranger Things seasons, which would be fun. We could also get a Q&A with the cast, which we saw The Umbrella Academy do at last year’s event. Of course, fans are hoping we might get news regarding Quinn’s future on the show, but that might be too much of a dream…

Will Joseph Quinn return for Stranger Things season 5?

Anyone who watched Stranger Things season 4 knows that Quinn’s character, the lovable Eddie Munson, dies in the end. It’s such a heartbreaking death and one that fans are still not over! Despite him being killed off, many are hoping he can still return in some capacity in the fifth and final season. At this time, Quinn’s potential return is not confirmed, so we do not know if he will appear in season 5.

There have been theories floating around explaining how Eddie could return, and some are convincing! Quinn seriously blew up overnight thanks to Stranger Things, and because fans love him so much, we wouldn’t be surprised if he reprises his role. Plus, Quinn wants to return!

Be sure to tune in for Netflix’s TUDUM event, taking place Saturday, Sept. 24 to see what Stranger Things updates we get. Check back with us at Netflix Life for our full coverage on the big day!

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