Joe Keery to star opposite Lily James and Willem Dafoe in indie drama

We all know him as the ultimate babysitter on Stranger Things. Bad-boy-turned-sweet-heartthrob Steve Harrington, who has a soft spot for the kids he “babysits,” especially Dustin. That friendship is so cute! And it’s thanks to actor Joe Keery who brings the charismatic character to life on screen.

The Netflix science fiction series was the actor’s breakout role, and now he’s one of the most recognized talents in the industry. It only takes one door to open for actors, and then multiple opportunities start to come their way. Which we love to see!

This guy is certainly staying busy! There’s been quite a few casting announcements recently with the news he’d be joining a project. One of those is indie drama film Finalmente L’alba.

According to Deadline, Keery is set to star in the movie alongside Lily James and Willem Dafoe. No details about the plot are known yet. Saverio Constanzo will direct the production, which is set to start filming this month in Italy.

The more of Keery we can see, the happier us fans are! Here are some other projects outside of the Netflix hit that the talented star is working on.

Joe Keery projects outside of Stranger Things

Keery recently finished filming Marmalade, a heist romantic drama that focuses on a naive small-town man. He ends up in jail and tells the tale of a romantic bank heist to his cunning cellmate. He hopes to escape and reunite with the love of his life, Deadline reports.

If you’re a fan of FX’s Fargo, then you’ll be seeing this actor in the fifth season! Keery will play a new character, Gator Tillman. Elsewhere, the star has been busy with music. His performance stage name is Djo, and we have a new album of his to look forward to this September! The singer even performed at Chicago’s Lollapalooza recently.

We’ll soon have to say goodbye to Steve Harrington and Stranger Things as the fifth and final season is in the works. We’re massive Steve Harrington stans, but we’re most definitely also big Joe Keery fans. We’ll support the actor no matter what project he’s in. Are you with me!?

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