Joe Keery says he and co-star Joseph Quinn have a ‘bond for life’

Two of Stranger Things‘ ultimate fan favorites are Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson. There’s no one who will argue with you there. And it’s thanks to actors Joe Keery and Joseph Quinn who bring these characters to life so well!

Just remember the absolute terror we were all in when we thought the former bad boy wasn’t going to make it out alive in Stranger Things season 4. Or how many tears we shed when Eddie met his untimely end. Yeah, we’re still not over it. I still can’t rewatch his death scene without crying.

You can tell just how close the cast is. After all, the kids started out on the show so young and have grown up together on the Netflix hit, and in the industry. After the long hours of filming, you’re bound to form a strong relationship. And that’s exactly what happened with Keery and Quinn!

Joe Keery and Joseph Quinn’s “bond for life”

It seems like the two Joe’s have formed a real-life bromance! In an interview with UNILAD, Keery revealed that he and Quinn still hang out. And especially since they filmed the fourth season during the pandemic, the friendship they formed will “be there for life, for sure.”

As the two are both musically gifted, could we see a collaboration at some point? Keery told the outlet he’d definitely up for it. Um, us fans would definitely love to see that. Fingers crossed it happens one day!

Though Steve and Eddie didn’t see eye to eye at the start of season 4, due to them both being jealous of the other’s relationship with Dustin, the two characters came to respect each other. I’m sure they would have developed a close friendship just like their counterparts if Eddie didn’t tragically die. Excuse me as I go and cry.

Stranger Things season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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