Is Wednesday season 2 happening?

The first season of Wednesday has only just arrived, but fans are already eager to know if Wednesday season 2 is in the works. It’s not surprising given how amazing the show’s first season is, or how the season ends.

Without spoiling anything for those who are still working through the show’s first season or have yet to begin season 1, let’s just say the writers do a really great job of bringing closure to certain stories while ending the season in a way that leaves you wanting more. As such, it’s only natural that fans be eager to know if another season is coming our way.

Netflix has become more generous in handing out renewals in recent years, but we’ve seen a lot of first-year shows fail to make it to a second season. Just this year, we’ve seen several new shows canceled after just one season which creates a natural curiosity about whether a second season of Wednesday is planned.

Is Wednesday season 2 happening?

At this time, Netflix has not ordered a second season of Wednesday which means it’s unclear whether Wednesday season 2 is happening or not. That said, the odds of Wednesday getting a second season seem incredibly high.

The series is built around a popular domain and has been one of Netflix’s most heavily promoted shows of the year. Netflix has promoted the show more than we’ve seen it promote many of its other new shows and even gave it a big push in October at New York Comic Con.

Given the show ended with many opened-ended storylines, there are clearly plans for more stories to be told. Hopefully, the ratings for the show will be strong and Netflix will hand out an early renewal rather than making fans wait too long to know if Wednesday season 2 will be happening.

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