Is Vampire Academy on Netflix?

The Vampire Academy books are getting a new TV series adaptation. Where can you watch it? Is the series coming to Netflix?

Fans of the Vampire Academy books will be excited to know that a TV series adaptation is happening. In fact, the first episodes of the series are available to stream. The first four episodes are currently available, with the rest coming weekly.

The first season is set to cover the story in the first book. We’ll get to meet Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway and her best friend Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir. Rose is a Dhampir who is undergoing training to protect Lissa, a Moroi princess.

The two are at a boarding school called St. Vladimir’s Academy, where they will need to learn everything they need to protect themselves, each other, and others they come into contact with. Of course, there is a forbidden romance. It wouldn’t be a teen book series without one. That romance is between Rose and one of her tutors.

And yes, we can expect villains. The Strigoi is a race of evil and dangerous vampires that wants to turn Lissa into one of them.

Where to stream Vampire Academy online?

There is some bad news for those hoping the series will come to Netflix. Peacock was the streamer to give the show a straight-to-series order. We’ll need to wait and see how the show performs to see if it will get a second season.

The series does come from The Vampire Diaries‘s Julie Plec. It will be interesting to see if Vampire Academy is changed in plot points in the way The Vampire Diaries was.

There’s no need for it to come to Netflix in the future. Something would have to happen to the Peacock streaming platform for that to be the case. While it is new and people didn’t have the best hope for it at first, it’s proven to have some great content including One of Us Is Lying and Last Light.

There are 10 episodes in the season in total. The 10th episode will air on Thursday, Oct. 27 on Peacock.

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