Is the thriller series okay for kids?

This Friday, August 19, Netflix is dropping your next obsession. For those who love getting hooked on mystery and/or thriller series, Echoes should hit the sweet spot for you.

I spend most of my time looking for new and exciting thrillers to indulge in, whether it’s in a book, movie or television show format. Echoes, starring Michelle Monaghan as identical twin sisters, is exactly the type of series that fans of thrillers like The Woman in the Window, Girl on the Train, Behind Her Eyes, You, Anatomy of a Scandal and The Sinner will love.

Given that all of the shows mentioned above are pretty mature, you can probably guess that Echoes will be, too, but below we go into more detail on what parents can anticipate from the show before they hit play in front of younger kids or teens.

Echoes parents guide and age rating

Echoes is rated TV-MA, meaning it might not be suitable for ages 17 and under. If you’ve seen some of the other psychological thriller series or films on Netflix, you probably have an idea of the type of content you’ll find in this series.

The TV-MA rating is for strong language, sex and gore. However, as someone who has watched all seven episodes, I can say that the sex and gore present is very mild. The sex scenes are few and far between and the ones that are present don’t contain explicit nudity beyond a butt shot or two.

There is some violence and frightening sequences in the show, but it’s not anything worse than what you would find in a PG-13 film. The rating mostly seems to stem from the language, as there are several strong expletives used throughout the show, including f**k.

That said, Echoes is clearly aimed at an adult audience so there are mature themes present throughout the series that might not be appealing or appropriate to a younger audience. Parents are strongly cautioned.

Echoes starts streaming on Netflix on August 19 12 at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET.

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