Is the sci-fi anthology series Circuit Breakers on Netflix?

This Friday, a new science fiction anthology series is releasing globally. Circuit Breakers will feature seven episodes, each one consisting of a unique, thought-provoking story. Unlike most anthology shows released in recent years, like Cabinet of Curiosities and American Horror Stories, this series is aimed at a younger audience and features child actors.

Created by Melody Fox, this half-hour anthology show follows middle schoolers as they experience universal stories that tackle the many challenges kids face growing up. Every episode has a “sci-fi twist” that will pose a question to the audience: how would you react if you were in a similar situation as the characters?

The cast includes Callan Farris, Nathaniel Buescher, Veda Cienfuegos, Cole Keriazakos, Maz Jobrani, Cale Ferrin, Quincy Kirkwood, Arielle Halili, Gavin MacIver-Wright, Khiyla Aynne, Maya McNairn, and more.

Based on the plot description and trailer, this show looks like the perfect way to keep your kids entertained for a bit!

Is Circuit Breakers on Netflix?

No, Circuit Breakers is not streaming on Netflix because it is an Apple Original series.

For those who want to watch something similar to Circuit Breakers on Netflix, I suggest trying Creeped Out. Creeped Out is a dark anthology series geared toward kids. The series follows a mysterious figure known as “The Curious” who collects tales of otherworldly magic, twisted technology, and more.

Where to watch Circuit Breakers

The sci-fi show will premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 11. It’s not clear if the entire series will drop at once or if Apple will release episodes on a weekly basis. You will need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign-up for Apple TV right here.

Watch the official trailer for the series below:

Will you be watching Circuit Breakers this weekend? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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