Is the Prometheus a real ship?

1899 is now streaming on Netflix. Are you watching the mystery-horror series? I hope so because it’s very entertaining and will have you on the edge of your seat each episode. If you’re like us, you’ve probably already sped through the entire first season. Now, you’re left with questions and are wondering if there will be a second season.

The Netflix series follows a steamship (Kerberos) of European Immigrants as they make their way to the new continent (America) from the old continent (Europe). Each passenger is running away from something in their past and hopes to start a new life in America. However, none of the passengers were expecting their voyage to take an unexpected turn when they come across another steamship (Prometheus) that had been reported as missing for months. What they find on board the lost ship turns their trip to America into a complete nightmare.

The well-ensemble cast is made up of talented actors, like Emily Beecham, Maciej Musiał, Aneurin Barnard, Jonas Bloquet, Andreas Pietschmann, Anton Lesser, Fflyn Edwards, Miguel Bernardeau, and many others.

The entire series takes place on two ships: the Kerberos and the Prometheus. Are these ships real? Find out right below!

1899 on Netflix: Is the Prometheus a real ship?

No, the Prometheus is not a real ship. You can not visit or take a trip on this ship. It’s a made-up ship for the series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production was shot “entirely in a virtual studio, using cutting-edge LED-Volume technology with a video game engine that creates virtual sets and locations, allowing complex visual-effects shots to be done in-camera.” So, the cast wasn’t filming on a real ship. The Prometheus was a massive stage set that was created by the set design department.

Is the Kerberos a real ship from 1899?

Like the Prometheus, the Kerberos is not a real ship. It’s believed that the same set that was used for the Prometheus was used for the Kerberos. The entire production was shot at Dark Bay LED studio on the Studio Babelsberg lot outside Berlin.

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