Is The Patient on Netflix? (Where to stream The Patient online?)

Fans of psychological thrillers will want to turn their attention to The Patient. Where can you stream the miniseries online? Is it on Netflix?

If you watched Beautiful Boy, you’ll know Steve Carell’s acting abilities. It makes us all the more excited for The Patient, where he is completely stepping out of the comedy roles he’s known best for. It’s time for him to take on something gritty and dark.

The Patient is a psychological thriller that sees Carell play a grieving therapist, Alan Strauss. He continues to help his patients despite his own grief, but it soon turns deadly. Domhnall Gleeson plays Sam Fortner, who is one of Alan’s patients. He happens to be a serial killer trying to curb his homicidal urges, but he ends up taking Alan hostage.

Is The Patient on Netflix?

So, where can you stream this miniseries? Is it one that will head to Netflix? This is where we have some bad news. It’s not coming to Netflix, and it’s unlikely that it ever will.

The series is heading to FX on Hulu. This means it’s going to be connected to Hulu until the end of the streaming platform. Sure, we’ve seen some streaming platforms disappear, but we’re not expecting that to happen to Hulu. It is owned by Disney, after all. If anything, we could potentially see Hulu and Disney+ merge like they are in various countries around the world with Disney Star.

It just seems unlikely that Disney and Netflix will need to work together. There is a bit of bad blood between these two companies.

The first two episodes of The Patient are now available on Hulu. The remaining 10 episodes will drop weekly on the streamer, running through to Tuesday, Oct. 25.

The Patient is on Hulu.

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