Is the Netflix movie okay for kids?

Queen Latifah stars as a recently widowed mother trying to take her kids cross-country to start a new life in the Netflix thriller film End of the Road.

But once they hit the New Mexico desert, the road trip takes a horrifying turn as Brenda and her family cross paths with a killer. They’ll have to do whatever it takes to fight for survival. Ludacris and Beau Bridges also star in End of the Road, a film directed by Millicent Sheldon.

As part of Netflix’s 2022 “Netflix and Chills” lineup, you can expect plenty of thrills from this new feature. End of the Road is one of the most significant new releases this week, so families might be curious if it’s suitable to watch together. Below we’ll detail the movie’s parent’s guide and official age rating.

End of the Road parents guide and age rating

End of the Road is rated R, meaning it might not be the right pick for a family movie night. The suspenseful thriller received an R rating for some strong/bloody violence, sexual content, drug use, and language.

I haven’t seen the movie so I cannot provide more specific examples or information regarding the age rating, but it sounds like parents should watch this movie alone first before seeing if it’s suitable for their children.

Netflix categorizes the movie as a high-octane action thriller and we know the story hinges on a family trying to outrun a murderer while stranded in the New Mexico desert. Given that knowledge, I would tread with caution if planning to watch this with anyone under the age of 17.

Thematically and in terms of content, Netflix compares it to movies like The Call, Cleaner, and The Vanished, all of which are also rated R.

End of the Road releases this Friday, Sept. 9 on Netflix. Will you be watching the new film?

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