Is The Lincoln Project docuseries streaming on Netflix?

It’s never been a better time to be a fan of documentaries, as there seems to be a ton coming out about a broad range of topics. One that stands out as a must-watch is The Lincoln Project, and many subscribers are probably wondering if they can see the intriguing program on Netflix.

People may have noticed certain ads and videos that came out during the Donald Trump presidency from the fastest-growing super PAC in the country. The Lincoln Project is a politically motivated organization founded by several individuals against the re-election of the 45th Commander in Chief, including former Kellyanne Conway’s ex-husband George Conway.

Their content made some rather shocking allegations about Trump, and the only thing more intriguing about their message was all of the behind-the-scenes drama they experienced. From sex scandals to a tidal wave of press backlash, there was never a dull moment regarding The Lincoln Project.

Now the entire affair has been broken down into a five-part docuseries giving viewers an eye-opening look at what went down. But is the exciting series available for those who subscribe to the streaming powerhouse?

Is The Lincoln Project available on Netflix?

The streamer has so many excellent docuseries on its roster that there is no denying that the five-part political documentary series would be a great addition. But it should be known that The Lincoln Project is not available on Netflix.

While it’s always unfortunate to learn certain things aren’t available, it is nice to know there are other options. As mentioned, Netflix has many docuseries, including Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy RichBad Sport, Dirty Money, and Sophie: A Murder in West Cork.

Where you can stream The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project is available on Showtime.

You can check out the trailer below:

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