Is The Good House starring Sigourney Weaver on Netflix?

The Good House starring Sigourney Weaver tells a powerful redemption story like no other.

In the film, Weaver plays the role of Hildy Good, a hard-working, upbeat mother who struggles with alcoholism due to her mistakes as a mother and her failed love life with her husband. Despite her many setbacks, Hildy sets out to carve a path in which she’s no longer running away from her demons and run toward all the endless possibilities that come when she bares her soul and accepts that it’s okay to not be okay.

Based on the trailer, we can tell that The Good House is a movie that will soothe your soul and allow you to begin any healing process you’ve been putting off for some time. What’s more, it’s a movie that will leave you with many lessons on love, life, and forgiveness.

Here’s where you can stream every second of the drama.

Is The Good House on Netflix?

The Good House is not streaming on Netflix since the film is currently in theaters. Lionsgate Films go to Starz and thanks to a recent deal, they will stream exclusively on Roku after a window on Starz, so it’s unlikely that The Good House will stream on Netflix.

Check out other similar titles on Netflix, including (but not limited to) FatherhoodFather StuThe Lucky One, and The Unforgiveable.

Where to stream The Good House

We don’t have an exact confirmation of when The Good House will be released or if it will for sure go to Starz/Roku, but that appears to be the best bet because of the aforementioned deal.

If you don’t mind waiting patiently for The Good House to come your way, then head to Netflix to stream any of the recommended titles above. But if you do mind, now you have an excuse to visit your local movie theater and watch every second of this Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline title.

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