Is Tall Story Animation real from Look Both Ways?

Look Both Ways is now streaming on Netflix. Of course, it’s the movie everyone is currently watching and talking about. The romantic drama stars Lili Reinhart as a young woman named Natalie whose life on the night of her college graduation is split into two different paths. In one parallel world, she’s pregnant and remains in her Texas hometown. In the other parallel world, Natalie isn’t pregnant and has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in animation.

Spoilers for Look Both Ways ahead!

Once Natalie arrives in Los Angeles with her best friend Cara, she immediately begins searching for a job in her field. Fortunately for Natalie, Lucy Galloway puts out a job application for a creative and technical animator who can act as an assistant. Natalie comes across the assistant position and is hesitant to apply at first. But with encouragement from Cara, she submits an application.

Lucy Galloway works as the Art Director at Tall Story Animation and is Natalie’s idol. Natalie eventually gets the assistant job at Tall Story Animation but doesn’t find herself elevating since Lucy doesn’t see her as an artist. She even gets fired from Tall Story Animation for presenting work that isn’t original.

However, at the end of the film, things are looking up for Natalie in both parallel realities. In the second parallel world, Natalie finds her voice and is given the opportunity to showcase her animated short film at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Lucy even invites Natalie to come to Tall Story Animation to discuss her next project. Lastly, she ends up with Jake (David Corenswet).

While watching Look Both Ways, you might’ve wondered if Tall Story was a real animation company. Well, you’ve landed at the right place because we have the answer.

Is Tall Story Animation real from Look Both Ways?

No, Tall Story Animation is not a real company. Unfortunately, you can not apply for a job at Tall Story Animation or visit because it’s a fictional animation company created for the movie. It might look like a real company in the film, but that’s the purpose. It’s supposed to look like a real animation company.

Pixar Animation Studios was also mentioned in the film. However, Pixar is an actual animation company in California. Therefore, you can apply for a position and visit Pixar Animation Studios in real life.

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