Is show suitable for kids?

The Cuphead Show! returned to Netflix with season 2 on Friday, August 19. The slapstick comedy series, in the style of the classic 1930s cartoons, is based on the hit 2017 run-and-gun video game “Cuphead.”

The show follows the funny and unique misadventures of brothers Cuphead and Mugman — named this for the drinkware that makes up their heads — as they scour the Inkwell Isles in search of fun and adventure.

The first season made its debut on the streamer in February 2022 and was a hit among viewers of all ages. But, who is the show’s target audience? Is it actually suitable for kids? Find out the official age rating and our recommendation below.

Is The Cuphead Show! suitable for kids?

Despite The Cuphead Show! being an animation, the show itself deals with some adult themes that children may find hard to understand or even frightening at times. So if it was up to us, we would recommend you hold off showing your kids this cartoon, as it shows animated violence, rude humor, references to alcohol, and partial nudity.

But of course, this is just our recommendation, and you know your kids best! It might be worth your while to check it out first and determine whether this slapstick-toon is suitable for your own kids.

The Cuphead Show! official parental guide:

In the US, the official rating for The Cuphead Show! is a TV-Y7, according to IMDb, suggesting that the animation is suitable for audiences aged 7 years and over. However, on Common Sense Media, parents who have seen the show with their kids, insist that the show’s adult themes are better suited to an older audience.

“Daughter found [The Cuphead Show!] on her kid’s profile, watched some, then needed a hug because it was frightening. Have added it to the restrictions list for her now,” a concerned parent wrote online.

Is there a trailer for The Cupcake Show!?

Yes! If you’ve yet to see the trailer, get. a glimpse at what to expect from the show, below!

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