Is Parsons Valentine and Hunt from Partner Track a real law firm?

If you’ve been craving yet another incredible legal drama following the release of The Lincoln Lawyer earlier this year, then Netflix’s newest original drama Partner Track should be at the top of your watch list!

The new series centers around Ingrid Yun, a 1st generation Korean American and the first lawyer in her family, as she experiences the trials and tribulations of excelling at the prestigious (but old school) law firm, Parsons Valentine and Hunt.

Across the first season, we get to follow Ingrid and her colleagues at the firm with the Parsons Valentine and Hunt office serving as the backdrop for many parts of the series. It’s also at the heart of the key plotlines in the season as Ingrid and her colleagues compete for a partner role with the firm.

Like with most shows rooted in the real world, a natural curiosity has grown among viewers regarding whether the firm at the center of Partner Track is real. So can you actually turn to the law office of Parsons Valentine and Hunt if you’re in need of legal assistance?

Is Parsons Valentine and Hunt a real law firm?

Although Parsons Valentine and Hunt has been inspired by real law firms, the firm at the heart of Partner Track is not a real law firm. Instead, the firm was created for the backdrop of the book in which the series is based on which makes sense given the characters whose names are on the wall at the firm are all fictitious.

So if you’re hoping to dig up dirt on the film out of a curiosity to know whether it’s a real place, know that the only search results you’ll find will be connected to the book by author Helen Wan.

Be sure to catch season 1 of Partner Track now on Netflix! 

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