Is Paradise City starring John Travolta on Netflix? (where to stream)

Paradise City stars Bruce Willis and John Travolta, two of the action genre’s biggest stars, and many Netflix subscribers are assumably wondering if they can see the epic affair on the streamer.

Bruce Willis and John Travolta first appeared on screen together in the 1994 feature Pulp Fiction. They have also both starred in their fair share of action films over the years. Travolta has titles within his filmography, such as Face/Off and Broken Arrow, and Willis has credits like the Die Hard movies and The Fifth Element. There is no denying the two are action powerhouses, and now those worlds are set to collide once again in Paradise City.

The film’s narrative follows Ryan Swan, played by Blake Jenner, who is the son of notorious bounty hunter Ian Swan, portrayed by Willis, who is presumed to be dead after things go sideways while he was apprehending a target. Ryan Swan teams up with his father’s old associate, Robbie Cole, played by Stephen Dorf. Together they go up against a menacing powerbroker connected to the drug cartels named buck, played by Travolta.

Also in the cast for the 94-minute feature are Praya Lundberg, Corey Large, and Branscombe Richmond. Paradise City is directed by Chuck Russell, whose previous credits include The Mask, Eraser, and The Scorpion King.

Is Paradise City starring Bruce Willis available on Netflix?

While it would be an engaging endeavor to experience the high-octane feature starring two of cinema’s biggest action stars, it is unfortunate that subscribers will not be able to take this wild ride. Paradise City, starring Bruce Willis and John Travolta, is not at all available on Netflix, and it is unclear when that status will change, if ever.

However, there are plenty of action-packed flicks ready to check out now on the streaming service that fans of the stirring genre are sure to find incredibly entertaining from start to finish. Some of the exhilarating options include 6 Underground, The Old Guard, Day Shift, Extraction, and Red Notice, just to name a few.

Where you can stream Paradise City starring Bruce Willis

Paradise City is available in theaters. In addition, the film can be found on VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Google Play.

You can check out the trailer below:

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