Is Nicôle Lecky’s Mood streaming on Netflix? (where to watch Mood)

Mood is a ground-breaking six-part series starring actress, writer, and singer-songwriter Nicôle Lecky as aspiring singer Sasha Leyton. The series is based on her acclaimed play Superhoe and initially premiered in March of this year on BBC Three. This weekend, Americans will finally get to watch the show as it makes its streaming debut in the states.

Sasha, 25, has dreams of becoming a singer, but for now, she’s a bedroom artist who spends most of her time avoiding her family and stalking her ex-boyfriend. When she’s kicked out of her house, Sasha finds herself sofa-surfing until she meets Carly, who introduces her to the world of social influencing. As Sasha gets pulled deeper into the influencer world, she discovers that it is far more complex and darker than she could have imagined.

Jessica Hynes, Paul Kaye, Mia Jenkins, Jordan Duvigneau, Lara Peake, and Mohammad Dalmar also star in the series.

Is Mood starring Nicôle Lecky on Netflix?

No, Mood is not on Netflix. The show seems perfect for those who are fans of series like Fleabag, but unfortunately, Fleabag isn’t on Netflix either. If you want something similar to those series, I recommend watching Netflix’s Russian Doll, Crashing, Derry Girls, or After Life.

Where to watch Mood starring Nicôle Lecky

Mood initially premiered in March 2022 but will now make its stateside premiere on BBC America and AMC+. The easiest way to watch it is probably to get an AMC+ subscription so you can check out the show whenever you want. Mood premieres on AMC+ this Sunday, November 6, 2022. New episodes will drop every Sunday, and there are six episodes total in the show’s first season.

Are you looking forward to watching Mood this weekend, or did you watch the show already earlier this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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