Is new Netflix movie The Noel Diary based on a book?

There are many writers and creators in the television and movie industry who come up with their own ideas. And there are also lots of times when books get adapted into the successful films and series we fall in love with. So what’s the case for Netflix’s The Noel Diary?

Justin Hartley is the leading man in the movie as Jake Turner, with Barrett Doss playing his onscreen love interest, Rachel. Also appearing in the production are actors Bonnie Bedelia, James Remar, Treat Williams, and Essence Atkins.

Netflix shares that the story is about author Jake Turner (Hartley), who discovers a diary as he’s cleaning up his childhood home after the passing of his estranged mother. The best-selling author discovers secrets from his past and some related to Rachel’s (Doss). The journals may have the answers Rachel is looking for as the young woman searches for her birth mother. And along that journey, Jake and Rachel may find love together.

Sometimes when a production is based on a book, viewers like to read it before or after they watch the adaptation. So are you able to do that with The Noel Diary?

Is The Noel Diary based on a book?

The Netflix movie is based on a book! The novel of the same name was written by author Richard Paul Evans and was released in 2017. According to Goodreads, the book is about the bestselling romance author who hasn’t been home in nearly two decades since his mother, who is living with a mental illness, told him to leave. He has to return and settle the estate after she passes, which might be a good thing, so he’s not spending the holidays alone.

His hoarder of a mother kept so many items, including a diary left by someone named Noel. Enter Rachel, a woman looking for her birth mother, and the diary may hold the answers she’s looking for while bringing her closer to Jacob.

Plus, there are actually three other books as part of the novel series – The Noel Stranger, Noel Street, and The Noel Letters. So if this Netflix movie does well with audiences, the streaming giant may decide to continue telling more of the story!

The Noel Diary will begin streaming Thursday, Nov. 24, on Netflix.

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